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Dear Valued Client,

THANK YOU for attending your scheduled session Today, we hope the session helps and is useful to you.

It may not seem natural to think about giving feedback to your counsellor, but we really do want to hear your reflections. It helps us think back on the session, evaluate your progress, and direct where to go next. It will also help our counsellor’s professional development as well as helping to improve the service offered to others.

If this sounds good to you, do spend few minutes to complete the feedback form for your recent session with our counsellor.

You DO NOT need to identify yourself (unless you wish to 😊 )

The feedback link is at below. Please place a mark in the box which most closely corresponds to how you feel about each statement.


 也许这不常见,但我们确实希望听到你的想法。 它可以帮助我们回顾辅导和咨询内容,评估你的进度,并为下一次的质询提供方向。 这也将有助于我们心理辅导师的专业发展,有助于改善并为其它人提供更好的服务。










Sincerely from:

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