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  • Licensed & Registered Counsellor (KB;PA, 08032/07607)




  • Master of Counselling, Open University Malaysia (2018)

  • Bachelor of Art (Psychology & International Studies), Monash University (2010)



Azra is a licensed and registered counsellor with the Board of Counsellors, Malaysia (“LKM”) since 2018. She has experience in working with youths and young adults having mental health issues. She has conducted individual and group counselling sessions, and workshops in tertiary institutions, particularly with students and young professionals suffering with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lacking motivation, and other related problems. Azra specialises in assisting youths in behavioural modification process, fostering independence and self-motivation by designing psychosocial programmes as well as peer to peer support programs. She is also passionate in guiding students with inter-personal, relational, family and career-related issues.


Her goal in therapy is to assist clients to deal with their emotional and psychological challenges in an optimistic and constructive manner. The focus of her therapy is aimed at resolving personal issues, behavioural change, increasing one’s ability to cope with faced challenges, and create desired changes in their lives by imparting requisite knowledge and appropriate skills in handling them.


In her sessions, she combines multiple therapy orientations such as Reality Therapy, and incorporates methods from Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (“REBT”). She believes in working collaboratively with clients to address their challenges and concerns and to create a therapeutic working plan that best serves the needs of the individual.


Her areas of interest includes personal growth such as self-discovery, self-motivation, pregnancy related grief, postpartum depression, mood disorders; ways in managing and learning useful coping skills, relationship conflict, and adolescence. She also assist clients with improving their self-confidence, work performance and resolve self-conflicts.


Azra believes that every individual are self-healers and gifted with their own special forte. A favourite saying that has always guided her “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tze. Hence, it is the responsibility of every individual to take the very first step into healing and growth.



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