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  • Licensed & Registered Counsellor (KB;PA, 07278/06800)

  • Professional Member, American Counseling Association (6550838)

  • Life Member, International Counselling Association of Malaysia (ASH 00836)

  • Member, National Association of Christian Counsellors, Malaysia (M779)

  • HRDF Certified Trainer, Malaysia (TTT/21479)

  • Certified administrator for PREPARE/ENRICH (1309824)

  • Professional Member, International Employee Assistance Professionals Association (#65937)


  • Level 3 Clinical Counselling Supervisor, Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (2020) 

  • Master of Counselling, Open University Malaysia (2017)

  • Specialist Diploma in Psychology Counselling, School of Linguistics Singapore (2010)

  • Bachelor of Banking (Hons.), Universiti Utara Malaysia (2006)


Joseph began professional training and involvement in counselling works since 2010. He holds a master’s degree and a specialist diploma in Counselling Psychology. He is a licensed and registered counsellor, and trained clinical supervisor with the Board of Counsellors, Malaysia (“LKM”). Other than young children, he has experience working with various populations of different ages, includes some of them were highly sensitive communities such as LGBT, PLHIV, and people that are highly suicidal. He is also an active volunteer at various non-governmental organizations and churches, providing emotional and psychological support, training, coaching and leadership to their members.


His therapy approaches are mainly grounded on Client-Centred approach, complimented with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ("CBT"), Motivational Interviewing ("MI") and the Satir’s Personal Iceberg Model. Joseph is also a certified administrator for PREPARE/ENRICH couple relationship assessment (pre-and post-marital). In counselling sessions, he draws on a variety of counselling tools in helping people to relieve emotional distress, to foster self-understanding and self-awareness so that they can gain effective control over their life. Joseph is known for his gentle approach in counselling, his client felt for his unconditional regards, emphatic acceptance and congruence.


While working extensively with couple on family and marriage concern, Joseph also work with individual in the area of sexual health's concerns, such as sexuality, gender identity, sexual performance, porn addiction and etc., self-acceptance, career conversation, grief, life adjustment and transition due to retirement, accident and/or critical illness, helping client in redirecting disturbing emotions (such as stress, anxiety and depression) and behavioural modification process to empower clients to manage and over come the difficulties that are hindering them in life.

Joseph is also a Certified Trainer by HRDF under the Human Resources Ministry of the Government of Malaysia, where he conducts various training and workshop to the public and private companies in his area of expertise. Prior to becoming a practicing counsellor, Joseph spent more than 13 years working in MNC particularly in the area of Finance. Joseph is very experienced in the corporate setting includes performance review, staff management and development, handling workplace conflicts, career conversation and etc. apart of his excellent skill sets in financial reporting and analysis, planning and management.



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