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This section provides information on the policies and practice of counselling at 



It is intended to help you make an informed decision about whether you would like to accept the service. If you have any questions or concerns while you read this form, please do not hesitate to ask and discuss with us. Do not sign the form until all of your questions and concerns have been addressed.


COUNSELING is a confidential process designed to help you address your concerns, come to a greater understanding of yourself, and learn effective personal and interpersonal coping strategies. It involves a relationship between you and a trained counsellor who has the desire and willingness to help you accomplish your individual goals. Counseling involves sharing sensitive, personal, and private information that may at times be distressing. During the course of counseling, there may be periods of increased anxiety or confusion. The outcome of counseling is often positive; however, the level of satisfaction for any individual is not predictable. Your counsellor is available to support you throughout the counseling process.



The personal information on this form is collected and needed by our counsellor in order to provide the best and most appropriate counselling services to our clients. All information shared with the counsellor is private and confidential, including scheduling of or attendance at appointments, content of your sessions, progress in counseling, and your records are confidential. Your information will not be released to others without your signed permission, and you may request in writing to your counsellor to release specific information about your counseling to persons you designate. However, please note that any communication through email, text or telephone is not secure and privacy cannot be guaranteed. Counsellors work to the Kod Etika Kaunselor of the Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia. Counsellors keep notes, and also see a professional supervisor, for which they may use their notes. They do not use your full name or say anything which identifies you. The Service receptionist and staffs may see this Registration Form, but not see your counsellor’s notes. This Registration Form, Counselling notes and a summary of the counselling progress, will be kept for up to 7 years starting from the service last provided. All records and forms are kept securely and separately.


A counsellor would consider breaking confidentiality only in very exceptional circumstances, where you or someone else could be at risk of serious harm, or where required by law:


  • If there is evidence of clear and imminent danger of harm to self and/or others, a counsellor is legally required to report this information to the authorities responsible for ensuring safety.

  • When a minor (any person under 18 years of age) is involved, child abuse may be occurring.

  • A court order, issued by a judge, may require a counsellor to release information contained in records and/or require a counsellor to testify in a court hearing.

  • The counseling staff works as a team. Your counsellor may consult with other counseling staff to provide the best possible care. These consultations are for professional and training purposes.



Counselling sessions are typically 60 minutes in length per session for individual or 90 minutes in length per session for couple/group, at a rate agreed upfront. Payment shall be made before the session start. The number of sessions required is individual to each client and is dependent on the nature and complexity of the client’s concerns, the strength of the relationship between the client and counsellor, and the commitment to work on the presenting issues.



Once your appointment is confirmed, a minimum 24 hours’ notice is required for reschedule and/or cancellation; otherwise the full session fee will be charged and payable by you at the beginning of the following scheduling. If you do not show up for your appointment, full session fee will be charged and payable by you at the beginning of the following scheduling.



The relationship you have with your counsellor is different than other relationships. While you will be sharing personal details with your counsellor, you will know little about them. Some clients find this difficult, but please keep in mind that your counsellor is part of the professional association that has rules about the types of interactions they are allowed to have with clients. As part of these rules, your counsellor:

  • Cannot have any kind of romantic, friendship, or sexual relationship with a current or former client or any people close to a client

  • Cannot give or receive gifts from clients

  • Cannot accept invitations to or attend personal events of clients

  • Cannot have any other kind of business relationship with you besides counselling itself

Keeping in mind privacy and the confidential nature of counselling, your counsellor will not approach or acknowledge you in the community unless you initiate contact. This is not meant to be rude, but rather to protect your privacy.



As a client, it is important to remember that you have several rights that you are free to exercise:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity

  • To refuse particular counselling interventions

  • To withdraw this consent at any time

If at any time you do not feel as though your rights are being respected, please do not hesitate to address your concerns with your counsellor or our staff.

I have read, understand the risks and benefits of counselling, the nature and limits of confidentiality, and what is expected of me as a client of the Counselling Services. By clicking "Yes" at below and completing this Registration Form, I consent to engage, and giving permission for my records to be kept and used for the counselling services provided by ARKCC.


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