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Report & Letter

Time Sheet*

Purpose: Allowing client to record and validate specific time intervals when they require leave for therapy or personal matters. This timesheet serves as a helpful documentation tool to support their need for temporary absence, and we are pleased to offer it as part of our commitment to their well-being.

Referral Letter*

Purpose: The referral letter is typically issued when a therapist believes that the client's needs go beyond the scope of their own practice or expertise. It aims to connect the client with another healthcare professional or service that can better address their specific concerns or conditions..

Report marked with * are all free of charge upon request

Letter of Attending Service (for School / Work Purpose)

Purpose: a document provided by a therapist following a client's initial counselling or therapy session. This letter typically includes:
•    A brief introduction to the client, includin
g their name, age, and relevant background information.
•    A summary of the key concerns or issues discussed during the session.
•    Any significant observations, emotional states, or responses noted during the session.
•    Immediate recommendations for the client's well-b
eing, such as continued therapy, support network engagement, self-care practices, and scheduling a follow-up session.

Fee: RM150 per letter


Limitation: Please keep in mind that this initial recommendation is based on limited information, and further assessment and collaboration with client will be necessary to provide more comprehensive guidance and support.

Psychological Assessment / Diagnostic Report

Charges for psychological assessments vary based on the specific testing tools and instruments utilized. Upon the client's request, a written report can be generated. The psychological assessment report comprises a comprehensive overview of the assessment process, including detailed test results and an in-depth analysis of the patient's psychological functioning, covering cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects. In contrast, a diagnostic report offers a formal diagnosis, taking into account the client's presenting symptoms and a thorough clinical evaluation. This report may encompass diagnostic criteria, symptom severity, and treatment recommendations.

It's important to note that the generation of these reports requires a meticulous process. The clinician conducts a battery of psychological tests, conducts patient interviews, and reviews relevant patient history and records to produce a comprehensive assessment report. Similarly, a diagnostic report is only prepared after the clinician gathers information through interviews, assessments, and clinical observations to arrive at a diagnosis.

Fee: RM300 per report (excluding assessment fee)

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