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How long does it takes for each session? How many sessions are required?

Generally, you will meet for counselling regularly for approximately sixty (60) minutes for individual counselling, or ninety (90) minutes for Coupe and Family counselling, usually at the same time once each week. For first session, usually additional thirty (30) minutes is required to complete the registration and intake interview. On average, the counselling process would take about 6 to 12 sessions; however, it could be longer depending on the nature of the client’s problem, their need and resources.

Counselling is not a quick fix and changes take time. The number of sessions required is individual to each client and is dependent on the nature and complexity of the client's concerns and their commitment to work on the presenting issues. We advise, but client decide how long they want to go. In fact, counselling often bring out the positive outcome for the client after few sessions.

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