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Interested to interview our Therapist?

As a student, you may be required to conduct interviews with professionals as part of your assignment or research. It's common for students studying psychology, counselling or related fields to want to speak with professionals in the field to gain insight and knowledge.

At ARKCC, we receive numerous requests from students who would like to interview our counsellors or clinical psychologists for their assignments. While we appreciate your interest in our professionals, we want to clarify our approach to these requests.

Our approach is to schedule and pay for a session with our therapist to interview them. We charge for this service as it requires our therapist's time and effort, and we treat it as the same as seeing a client for therapy. Our therapists are highly trained professionals, and their time is valuable. By paying for the interview, you are respecting their time and expertise.

We understand that students may have limited budgets, but we cannot offer free interviews or consultations. Our therapists are not available for casual conversations or informational interviews. They are committed to providing high-quality therapy services to our clients, and their schedules are often booked with therapy sessions.

If you are interested in interviewing one of our therapists, we encourage you to contact our center to schedule a session. You can identify the therapist that you are interested to interview by checking on our Clinicians profile here and their rate here. Also, we would happy to discuss and provide you with information to help you choose the right therapist for your interview.

We want to emphasize that our approach is not meant to discourage students from pursuing their academic goals. Rather, it is intended to maintain the high standards of our centre and respect the professionalism of our therapists. We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you.

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