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Updated: Jan 29, 2022

(Mental Health Support Group)

Suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety could be very demotivating sometimes, it could also lead someone to suicide if left untreated. Often, the cost for individual therapy could be expensive and become the main reason stopping people to seek helps even when there need it. Hence, Support Group could be an alternative and strong approaches too that help to elevate mood and instill hope by lending a helping hand among each another in the group.

This support group will be facilitated by our trained and licensed counsellor, based on the premise of helping people affect by mental health conditions emotionally and psychologically to deal with their personal problems, utilizing the collective power of the group, learn and develop new coping skills to live a better life, through various group activities, exercises and psychoeducation integrated with evidence-based counselling and psychotherapy approaches.

How can you be benefited from this Group?

☘ Building social & support networks

☘ Sharing your own struggles in a therapeutic setting

☘ Finding insight into yourself & your actions

☘ Improving interpersonal relationships & communication

☘ Learning coping strategies & live in a better way

If you are interested, contact us at 011-11221932 or drop us an email at

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